Best Programming Languages For Beginners in 2022

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Most IT students are commonly asked Which programming language is best for starting a career to getting a job as a beginner. One of the most major problems for IT students to choose their career, which is very difficult to choose for deciding which is the best programming language for beginners. With so many languages used for different purposes, choosing the ones you want to study will depend on the specialty that most interests you as well as on job demand. Programming course site Coding Nomads looks at the “best programming languages for a beginner in 2022.

One thing that always comes to the mind of every computer science student is what is the best” programming language for a beginner to learn easy and smooth which will be most useful in the future? Which type of best” programming languages for the beginner is most helpful to choose and build a career? For example, if you want to be a web developer, then you need to have a good idea about the programming language, we will tell you in detail today.


One of the best programming languages for beginners ​​is PHP. This is a server side scripting language. It was created in 1994 and was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is most commonly used for web development, dynamics and application creation. By far the most web application in the world has been created using PHP language. The best examples are Facebook and Wikipedia. So there is a huge demand for PHP developers around the world. There are a lot of PHP base companies especially in South Asia so there is a lot of demand for PHP programmers in different countries of Asia. So if you are interested in web development or web application related then PHP flame can start from today.

At present, the average annual salary of a skilled PHP developer is around one lakh two thousand US dollars.


SWiFT is a programming language created by Apple. It is used only for Apple devices i.e. iOS and MacOS app development. It is an object oriented programming language. In 2014, Apple unveiled the first WSWIFT programming language. This language is most popular with American and European programmers because Apple products are readily available in those countries. Apple’s products have not yet become as widely available in Asia as they are a bit more expensive. So the demand for this programmer in Asia is naturally much lower. But if you want to work for an American or European software company, you can start learning SWIFT language. The two main frameworks of SWIFT language are COCOA and CLOUDKIT.

At present the average annual salary of a skilled SWIFT programmer is about one hundred and twenty five thousand US dollars.

 C #:

C # is a simple object oriented programming language. It was first marketed by Microsoft in 2000. The original designer of this language is also Microsoft. C # is basically a combination of many programming languages. It is most commonly used to create Windows applications. It is also used in webframe design. C # is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for game development. This language is especially used in VR and 3D games.

The average annual salary of a skilled C # programmer is seventy eight thousand US dollars.


kotlin is the most trending programming language of 2019. Katlin is popular with many programmers around the world for developing Android apps. This language is created by JetBrains. And it was first marketed in 2011. Currently Java as well as Kotlin and the official programming language for app development in Android Studio. Kotlin can be compared to a modern version of Java. Also kotlin is much easier for beginners than Java language. If you want to build a career with Android app development, you can start learning kotlin programming from today. There is a lot of demand for Kotlin programmers in today’s world.

At present the average annual salary of a skilled kotlin programmer is 120,000 US dollars.



One of the most popular of the best programming languages for beginners ​​is the R or R programming language. It was first shown in August 1993. R is a programming language used for statistical analysis, graph representation and reporting. Language is the most used language for data analysis in data science. The work of data science is to work with data. Big data is a very popular term now. Where data is too much, too much too much, they are called big data. The designers of this language are Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman.

At present the average annual salary of a highly skilled R programmer is one lakh and twenty one thousand rupees.


Go is a best programming languages for beginners created by Google. Since the name Go is very common, its website address is, so many people know it as Golang. It is an open source programming language that was first published in late 2009. This programming language is most commonly used to create web-based software. Google itself has used the Golang programming language in many cases. It is also much faster than other programming languages ​​and relatively easy for newcomers to learn. It is very easy to learn for those who are already working on a programming language. The golang programming language is now being used in many large companies around the world. So there is no end to the global demand for go programmers. Its two frameworks are Revel, Beego.

At present the average annual salary of a skilled go programmer is one hundred and seventy thousand US dollars.


 C ++:

C ++ is a widely used and best programming languages for beginners. Its main features are that it is extremely powerful and fast language. C ++ is an object oriented programming language. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1980 at the AT&T Bell Laboratory in the United States. You can call it an updated version of the C programming language. This language is widely used worldwide, from system software development to application software, device drivers, embedded software, high quality server and client applications, entertainment software such as video games, etc. C ++ is also used. So there is a huge demand for C ++ programmers worldwide.

Currently, the average annual salary of a skilled C ++ programmer is one hundred and fourteen thousand US dollars.


JavaScript is the most best programming languages for beginners used on the Internet. JavaScript is a client side scripting or browser scripting language. JavaScript is a high level interpreted and object oriented dynamic programming language. Which is mainly used for web development. For those who are already proficient in C and Java languages, learning this language will be much easier. The language was designed by Brendan Ike and was first released in 1995. At present no web application or dynamic website can be imagined without JavaScript. So there is a lot of demand for JavaScript programmers in these sectors.

Currently, the average annual salary of a highly skilled JavaScript programmer is US $100,000.



java is one of the best programming languages for beginners ​​in the world. The main reasons for its popularity are portability, security, and full support for object oriented programming and web programming. It was first released in 1995. And it was designed by James Gosling. Its specialty is that it is very strong as well as protected. java is most commonly used in Android application development. There are lots of job opportunities on java programming around the world.

At present the annual salary of a java programmer is one hundred and fifteen thousand US dollars.


Python is currently the best programming languages for beginners in the world. It was first published in 1991 by Guido van Rossium. The main reason why Python language is so popular is because it is so flexible. There is nothing in computer science that cannot be done using Puthon. Python is a major programming language in almost everything from web development to software, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and neural networks. So there is a lot of demand for Python programmers all over the world.

At present the average annual salary of a skilled Python programmer is around Rs. 120,000.


The best programming language

In today’s age of digitalization everything is programming. Everything we see around us is a product of the program.


As of 2020, according to the latest Web Development Studies, about 600 programming languages ​​are available. Some of these custom languages ​​are used only in certain cases, while others are widely used in various applications as open source.


If you are thinking of learning a new programming in 2021, then this article about our top 5 programming languages ​​for 2021 is for you.


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  1. Python

Python is one of the fastest growing languages ​​in the world of programming. The reason for the popularity of Python is that the public has taken it in a very positive way. Python’s web development framework, especially Django and Pyramid, is one of Python’s most talked about tools.


One of the reasons it is the best is because it is a superior programming language that is easy to master. Python is most in demand in the programming market, especially among new and skilled programmers. Python is also very open source and very well documented. Python also has huge programmers’ forums; Where you can find a quick solution to any problem.


Python currently dominates the world of Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence).


  1. R

This programming language is a very important language for machine learning. And the programming language is open source, easy to customize according to your project and add highly effective features for added convenience.


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The use of libraries in the analysis of production level data surveys and the visualization of big data. Adding code to occasionally interact with databases in data analysis is no longer a matter for the program, as it contains a variety of packages that enhance programming utility.


  1. JavaScript

Our 3rd best programming language is JavaScript. This is basically Node.js.


JavaScript is a widely used programming language. JavaScript is a boon, especially for front-end developers. Node.js deserves a big thank you because JavaScript is more widely used for back-end developers. Developers can create highly interactive sites, mainly through JavaScript. It is good to know that most of the programming of Blogger is done with JavaScript.


However, in recent times we have seen various game development and Internet of Things (IoT) development with JavaScript.


  1. Java

Many people confuse Java and JavaScript, but two different things. Java is an old programming language that was invented in 1998. However, Java still occupies its best position in terms of institutional application development. One of the reasons it is so popular is that Java has consistently stable even after repeated repetitions.


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It is a language that, once written, can be run in any case. The Java Automatic Memory and Garbage File Collection feature is unique which ensures adequate CPU memory for use in various applications. The functionality of Java’s security system and the absence of explicit indicators make it a safe and secure language for software applications.


That’s why when Google first introduced the Android operating system, it was developed with the Java programming language.


  1. PHP

There is a funny story behind the creation of HP programming language. It was originally intended to create a personal homepage, but then came the revolution in PHP. I call it a revolution because the websites of big organizations like Facebook, Yahoo, MailChimp are made using PHP.


PHP is a very familiar face in the web developing world. PHP is currently used exclusively to create a variety of statics and dynamic websites.


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Some advantages of using PHP:


Web pages can be created very easily.

It has a lot of great frameworks.

It can be used with debuggers like XDBug.

It allows the use of various automation tools to run the program.

They have lost community support.

How much money can be made from any programming?

Income from programming language


In today’s article, the average annual income of programmers of the top 5 programming languages ​​is published in a journal by the end of 2020. The following table shows how to make money from any programming language:


Python: 103,56

And $ 100,224

JavaScript: 105,418

Java $ 105,164

PHP $ 6,618

What is C programming?

C is a programming language. Dennis Ritchie built C in Bell Labs in the 80’s. The language was originally intended to be used to write code for the Unix operating system, but it soon became a widely used language. C has had a profound effect on many later programming languages, including C ++ and Java. The most interesting aspect of C is its portability. Programs written with C can be run on computers of any operating system.

As the C grew in popularity in the 70’s and 80’s, many versions were made. In 1983, the American standards body set up a committee to create a standard version of C. Six long years later, in 1989, the standard C language was created, known as the American Standards Organization (ANSI C). This standard version of C, later known as C90, was later adopted by the International Standards Organization in 1990. Basically “C69” and “C90” are the same language. The International Organization for Standardization (IOC) expanded this version to 1995, and later in 1999 released a completely new version, known as the C99. The latest version of C programming language, C11, was released in 2011.

Here is our discussion of the top 5 programming languages ​​in 2021 today. I hope everyone understands how popular a programming is and why it is popular. This time you can start learning programming language continuously according to your needs.

Characteristics of C Programming Language

C is very important as a programming language. Below are some of the features of C-

1. It is a high level programming language.

2. C language is a structured programming language.

3. Each C programming has a main () function.

4. Each programming statement ends with a semicolon.

5. Each variable has their data type specified before use.

. Header files are added by #include.

. C has many library functions, control statements, etc.


Using of C Programming Language

More than 90% of the current compiler and operating systems are written in C language. C language is known as intermediate language because it can combine assembly and higher language programming techniques. Extremely complex problems can be easily solved in C language. C language is called the father of computer language. The type of program that can be written with the help of this language is-

1. Operating System

2. Language Compiler

3. Language Interpreter

4. Assembler

5. Database Program

. Text Editor

. Computer Games

. Computer Virus and Antivirus

9. Utilities

10. Network Drivers

A career in web development is exciting and ever changing. There are many people who want to develop their career as web developers. And for that it requires a particular set of well-developed skills and knowledge of languages. In recent years, web development has taken a great space and has evolved with its different flows, since there are three types of web development: the first is front-end development, which is responsible for taking care of and managing the part of the web that the user interacts with, and the second is the back-end web development that deals with all those things that run in the background to build websites or applications like scripts and databases, then comes the full stack of web developers who take care of everything.

The best programming languages ​​for web development
In order to choose the direction you choose, you must first go through the programming languages ​​that can help you do your job efficiently. Here are the best programming languages ​​for web development that can help candidates start their career with complete information.

Java Script: It is one of the most prominent and effective programming languages ​​used to create and develop websites. This programming language is suitable for various things like editing content in a displayed document, controlling the browser, allowing client-side scripts to communicate with users, etc. The best thing about java script is that it is one of the few programming languages. language that are accepted and supported by all major browsers without the need for plugins or compilers.

Python: It is a widely used and multipurpose language. It has a variety of applications that make it a skillful and powerful option when it comes to choosing the best programming language for your case. It is a scripting language that is used by web developers in a wide variety of contexts. It is the easiest language with the goal of being readable and simple. If you are looking for python jobs, you can also check out various python certification courses.

Java: It is the most demanding language that acts as a standard platform for enterprises and various other mobile and game developers around the world. This language is a class-based, object-oriented Java language. And it is primarily known to all developers. If a person who is willing to build his career in web development and looking for Java jobs can easily apply if he knows all the basics of Java.

Ruby: It is a dynamic programming language that is used for programming or creating mobile applications and websites. It is an open source platform that is not only easy to understand but also easy to write.

C++: It is the well-compiled programming language that is not only imperative but also offers efficiency for low-level memory manipulation. The language makes use of both the low-level feature and the high-level languages. It is considered a medium level language.

PHP: PHP is a hypertext processing language; is a free server-side scripting language that has been designed not only for web development but also for general purpose programming language. This language is supported by the UNIX-based operating system as well as the Windows operating system. If you are thinking of applying for PHP jobs, it is the best career option for successful growth.

So, these are the programming languages ​​for web development. People can easily go through it and clear their basics of programming languages ​​and can go on to different job roles like Java developer jobs, PHP developer jobs and many more.

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